Our Mission

Full Circle are pioneers of holistic support in the NHS for people of all ages with life-challenging illnesses. We provide effective complementary therapies, free of charge, at the hospital bedside and through online resources. Our aim is to provide compassionate support when it is most needed, whether it be for a patient, their carer or a healthcare professional.
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Supporting quality of life when it really matters

At times of uncertainty and pain, we help to keep people feeling human again.

Nutrition with SCD conference

Full Circle Fund, an award-winning hospital based Integrative medicine charity, hosted the world’s first Nutrition in Sickle Cell Conference on the 18th June 2021 in collaboration with Claudine Matthews, a registered Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant in Sickle Cell in the UK.

"Full Circle is one of the most well designed and important projects I've ever heard about in integrated healthcare. In my view the Full Circle model should be rolled out nationally"

David Tredinnick

Former MP and Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group For Integrative Healthcare

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