Helen’s testimonial

I attended the Sussex Cancer Centre this week for my second chemotherapy treatment...

My experience with massage while at hospital having chemotherapy

What an incredible practitioner Gabby is, she gently took the time to find out what sort of massage I would like and what areas to treat/avoid and I felt really supported and confident of her abilities before the massage even started. It was really good to know that I could ask Gabby to control the pressure. Gabby liaised with the Cancer Centre staff on duty before the massage and it was reassuring to sign a consent form before the treatment. Once the massage started, I had the most brilliant experience of Gabby’s therapeutic touch – she quickly identified areas to work on and delivered the massage in a professional, compassionate, calm and gentle manner. I felt the timing of the massage was just right and I was left feeling really relaxed and nurtured. My sleep pattern has been rather disturbed of late, but I carried the lovely feeling of the massage with me overnight where I had the best night’s sleep for ages, and into the next few days where I have continued to feel relaxed and content.

Going through cancer for the second time in my life is challenging, but the time Gabby spent caring for me made me feel so much better, physically, mentally and spiritually – a true holistic service.

My massage treatment made a huge, positive difference, so thank you so much Full Circle Fund Therapies and thank you Gabby.

Helen M