Infant Massage Project

We absolutely love this photo of our brilliant Full Circle Paediatric Team Lead Gabby with baby Errol and his mum and doctors in the High Dependency Unit (HDU) at Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, Brighton this week.

By Tracey Di Lorenzo · June 17, 2024

For so many reasons a paediatric unit – such as a High Dependency Unit – can be very stressful and often traumatic for both baby and family members.
Thanks to an incredible private donor, we have been able to expand our expertise at ‘The Alex’ and, crucially, to bring an evidence based Infant Massage project into The Alex’s HDU for the first time.
Infant Massage has been shown in infant studies (including on neonatal units) to reduce multiple markers of infant stress helping pre-verbal, hospitalised babies to feel calm and safe despite the challenging conditions they face.
We are extremely grateful to all the visionary doctors, nurses, psychologists, physiotherapists and donors who support us  🙏