Give in celebration

Using a celebration as an opportunity to donate can be a wonderful way to share your special day.

Whether it is to celebrate the end of your chemotherapy, your ‘new birthday’ after a bone marrow transplant or simply as a way to share a special occasion with friends such as a wedding, birthday or anniversary, Full Circle is always grateful for these special donations.

Jane’s story

Full Circle supporter Jane asked her wedding guests to make a donation instead of buying wedding gifts. She tells us why:

“When we were getting married, we already owned two of most things! We were impressed by the work of Full Circle and when we suggested to our guests our idea of giving to Full Circle for our special day they were delighted to support us.  It made our special day that extra special and extra beautiful.”

Contact details

Feel free to call our team on 020 8725 5503 or contact us using our enquiry form if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.