Case Studies

We think it's essential to share what people say in their own words.

Welcome to our Patient Voices Matter series: Taking the hurt out of the pain

Inspired by the BBC’s Listening Project on Radio 4 and a conversation with its presenter Fi Glover, we wanted to share conversations of three of our patients who were keen to tell us about how Full Circle’s Clinical Hypnotherapy project had changed their lives and dramatically improved their symptoms of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage).

What is peripheral-neuropathy?

Chemotherapy-Induced-Peripheral-Neuropathy [CIPN] or Peripheral Neuropathy [PN] for short, is caused by certain chemotherapies and anti-cancer treatments which are commonly used for blood and lymphatic cancers, the 5th largest cancer group in the UK. PN is a debilitating nerve pain commonly affecting the feet and hands. It is often described as an electric shock; burning; numbing or stabbing pain. There is currently no cure for PN and it is recognised that pain associated with this condition can become progressively disabling. Peripheral neuropathy is recognised as one of the most serious unmet needs in cancer care for patients with blood and lymphatic cancers.

Here we hear cancer patients John, Leonard and Ed tell us in their own words, how Full Circle’s pioneering approach has helped them learn to cope with, and overcome many of the side effects related to their nerve damage.

We also invited Full Circle’s Chair of Trustees, Consultant Dr Fenella Willis to chat with our clinical hypnotherapy lead, Nupur Agarwal about clinical hypnotherapy, what it is and crucially, what it isn’t. They discuss how it can help other patients with this life changing side effect of cancer treatment.


1. John and Leonard discuss the tools and techniques they learnt in sessions with Nupur, to help them cope with their own symptoms of nerve damage.

2. Haematology consultant Dr Fenella Willis chats with Full Circle’s resident clinical hypnotherapist Nupur Agarwal, to understand more about what a clinical hypnotherapy session involves for a patient with peripheral neuropathy.

3. Lymphoma patient Ed talks with Full Circle’s founder Suzie Ruggles about the dramatic improvements in his life since they first met at a workshop, just as he started receiving Full Circle’s clinical hypnotherapy programme of support.

4. Summary

This exciting two year project has been made possible by the support of the Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund, part of the Sainsbury Family Trust Fund.

The Full Circle approach changes lives. We work in some of the most complex areas of the NHS and we see the need and the results of our work every day. I hope you enjoy hearing the heartfelt accounts of John, Leonard and Ed. We thank them for allowing us to share their stories and especially in the hope that others with this life changing side effect may have the chance to benefit from our groundbreaking work too.” Suzanne Ruggles MSc, Founder and CEO Full Circle Fund Therapies