Barbara Herts Brennan


Barbara works as a freelance Director in children’s wellbeing and mental health services and is passionate about early intervention and prevention, making sure all young people and adults get the best possible mental health and resilience support in healthcare.   

A speaker, writer and campaigner who started her career in teaching and at the National Children’s Bureau.   Previously Director of Integrated Commissioning, leading on children’s and adult mental health services across Essex County Council and across the Essex NHS system  – one of the largest public sector areas of the country.    

A previous Chief Executive of Young Minds UK, Barbara has wide experience campaigning for the best possible emotional wellbeing and mental health.  

At the Department of Health, and the Department of Children, Schools and Families, she was responsible for patient and young people’s participation in healthcare and education.  

Alongside these positions, Barbara contributed to Research, Policy and Fundraising as a Trustee at the medical charity, Asthma UK, where she chaired the Nominations and Governance Committee over several years.       

Barbara is a Trustee of the Full Circle Fund Therapies.