Councillor Richard C Field Mayor of Wandsworth 2016-17 and 2021-22

The young Full Circle inpatients staying at St George’s Hospital on Christmas Day 2016 will never forget the mayor’s visit to the paediatric ward. It was not his first visit either, Richard had already been to visit three months previously, when he talked to the children and other Full Circle ambassadors and heard about the difference the charity’s work was making to their stays.

Richard’s strong support of Full Circle and his compassion for our beneficiaries should come as no surprise. Alongside his varied marketing and commercial career, he has fundraised for children’s charities, initiated the creation of a non-profit organisation to assist paraplegic individuals, and, during a 10-year stint working for England RFU and others in the rugby union world, prompted the setting-up of an award-winning national youth development programme for sport in schools and clubs throughout England.

In 2000, as a school governor, Richard also set up and led a School Educational mentoring scheme initiative in Tower Hamlets that is still being of service today. As a former mentor to the Prince’s Trust, he was the brains behind the development of a successful sponsored competition, ‘Wandsworth Heritage Awards for Schools’, inspiring our school children to explore the borough’s rich history and win £1,000 for their school.

In May 2021 Richard became Mayor of Wandsworth for his second term and it was with great pleasure that he selected Full Circle Fund Therapies as his Mayoral Charity of the Year (2021-2022). Since Richard was first introduced to Full Circle in 2016, to when he became its Patron and now Mayor of Wandsworth, Richard has provided enormous support to the charity and its beneficiaries, enabling it to build on its achievements and truly look towards an exciting future ahead.