Full Circle has been a recipient of numerous, prestigious awards.

Exceptional Award - 2005

CEO Suzanne Ruggles accepting the award from Dr Bevan, Consultant Haematologist for Sickle Cell Disease.

Paediatric Award - 2015

Myeloma Award - 2019

In November 2019, the Haematology department at St George’s Hospital was presented with the Myeloma UK Clinical Service Excellence Award.
Myeloma UK visited St George’s Hospital to interview all Haematology departments that support myeloma patients in consideration for this prestigious award. They interviewed consultants, nurses, psychologists, dietetics, physiotherapists, pharmacy and Full Circle before arriving at their decision.
The award is for outstanding practice and the on-going commitment to provide quality-focussed care to all myeloma patients.

BASO Award - 2019

Full Circle wins four awards at prestigious international cancer surgery conference. November 2019.

BASO ~ The British Association for Surgical Oncology is the Association that speaks as an umbrella organisation for surgical specialties treating people with malignant diseases. BASO ~ ACS was founded in 1971 by Dr Ronald Raven, Surgical Oncologist, as a forum for surgical research and training for the benefit of patients with cancer. The Association represents surgeons and their centres across the United Kingdom & Ireland helping to provide a unique environment for interdisciplinary learning and cross-fertilisation of ideas.

In 2019 BASO hosted the prestigious European Surgical Oncology conference in London and, for the first time opened the conference up to to allied healthcare professionals where ‘wellbeing’ of patient and healthcare professional was a fascinating theme presented by many international researchers from the frontline of medicine.

For this conference we submitted six Abstracts on our work: Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness for bone marrow aspirate; Clinical Hypnotherapy in head and neck cancer; Clinical Massage in paediatric medicine (case study); Reiki; Reflexology; A Quality Improvement Project for cancer care.

All six abstracts were selected and published in the European Journal of Surgical Oncology: The Journal of Cancer Surgery. Four abstracts were selected for poster presentation at the conference and 2 for Oral presentation resulting in our work winning 4 Awards at this prestigious international cancer conference.