Guided Relaxation and Creative Visualisations

Did you know that studies show that relaxation training helps you shift away from the stress response.

The potential of the relaxation response to help people is enormous. I believe this is going to change medicine.” Dr Herbert Benson MD, cardiologist, professor of mind/body medicine, Harvard Medical School.

Guided Relaxation and Creative Visualisations

Did you know that studies show that relaxation training helps you shift away from the stress response – also known as the ‘fight or flight response’ to a gentle, restorative phase known as the ‘relaxation response’? During the ‘fight or flight response’ your body sends out stress hormones called catecholamines, these flood into your bloodstream during times of physical or emotional stress which, among many other things raises your heartrate. When you are in the relaxation response, the opposite happens and your parasympathetic nervous system takes over and lets your body know it’s ok, releasing a hormone known as acetylcholine and this slows down your heart rate. Creative Visualisations have also been shown to enhance your ability to experience the relaxation response, and studies show these relaxation-based practices are helpful in supporting your immune system.

These Guided Relaxation sessions are led by Nupur Agarwal who is a medically trained mindfulness practitioner and Gabriele Avery an experienced yoga and meditation teacher.

Kindly note that the audio/video recordings are meant only as a general support and are not intended to replace any therapy or medical treatment. If you have been diagnosed with any mental health condition then please be guided by your GP/ health care team and only then access these recordings.

Staying Grounded Like A Tree

Description: Nupur guides us through a creative visualisation of a tree, to help us connect with a resourceful inner sense of calm, strength, grounded stability and support.

Duration: 13:35 minutes

Being in Gratitude

Description: In this guided visualisation Nupur guides us into the practice of saying thank you. By starting to thank our breath and then progressively growing in the emotion of gratitude for the entire body and beyond. Staying in this elevated emotion creates shifts towards our wellbeing and naturally evokes peace and harmony within.

Duration: 16:05 minutes

Invoking Self Love

Description: In this guided visualisation Nupur directs us towards an inner sense of Self Love. Connecting to Self Love takes us out of other modes of being that we often find ourselves caught in, such as self judgement, critical thoughts etc. Self Love and its various forms, like kindness or gratitude for oneself, are deeply nourishing and restorative for the mind and body.

Duration: 14:32 minutes

Progressive Relaxation

Description: Nupur guides us to relax the body deeply and experience a state of deep rest. Relaxation, as we know, is often done superficially. In this guidance, as one connects with the breath and body, there is a sense of knowing and experiencing the body without judgement. The body regenerates and recovers in this state.

Duration: 17:32 minutes

Safe Space

Description: In this guided visualisation to access your safe space, Nupur gently guides you to access a space in your mind where you can experience the wonderful feelings of safety and security. Developing these fundamental emotions is essential to live in a state of balance and harmony. Once we can readily access these emotions, we live life with ease and confidence, and a sense of peace grows naturally within us.

Duration: 18:50 minutes

Releasing Stress Through Golden Light

Description: This guided visualisation helps you to release stress from the body and mind through the power of your imagination and intention. Golden light invocation makes it a powerful, yet gentle, visualisation aimed at releasing accumulated stress in the mind and body. Golden light is similar to sunshine that releases spaces of darkness and brings warmth. This is a very useful technique to help relax and tackle sleep difficulties.

Duration: 13:40 minutes