Stretch Techniques

In these recorded sessions you will be able to see and follow a range of techniques which may be helpful at a time of challenge, stress or reduction in movement.

Self care techniques


We know that movement is important for our mental and physical health, but we know too that sometimes this isn’t as easy as it sounds. This is why we have asked our Full Circle Mind/Body practitioners Gabby and Gabriele, to put their thinking hats on and record some simple, gentle, bite-sized recordings for you. Here you’ll find guidance on gentle stretching techniques, some from a standing position and others from the comfort of a suitable chair.

Kindly note that the audio/video recordings are meant only as a general support and are not intended to replace any therapy or medical treatment. If you have been diagnosed with any mental health condition then please be guided by your GP/ health care team and only then access these recordings.

Neck and shoulder exercises and a breathing technique

Description: Gabriele shares a few simple exercises for the neck, shoulders, arms and hands to ease tension and bring about a sense of relaxation and calm. She finishes the exercises with a breathing technique that can help you re-energise your body and mind.

Duration: 10:10 minutes

Leg and heart strengthening exercises and a breathing technique

Description: Gabriele shares a simple exercise to strengthen the legs and increase blood circulation (ideal if you have been sitting all day) and she finishes with a standing breathing technique that can invigorate body and mind and strengthen the lungs and the diaphragm.

Duration: 6:36 minutes