Love Learning

We believe it is so important to share our know-how. We passionately believe in contributing to wellbeing-focused care in modern medicine so that other NHS Trusts (who don’t already have this brilliant service already set up to reach the bedsides of their life-limited patients) or healthcare professionals who want this, can get this set up.  So, whether an NHS Trust’s leadership already ‘gets’ why this is an important aspect of patient care or, doesn’t yet know why, either way there is no judgement, just simply, help. We share our extensive knowledge of doing just this: setting up a complex services safely, effectively, seamlessly and above all professionally from our base in one of Europe’s largest hospitals.

With over two decades of NHS-based expertise, we spread the word far and wide and in numerous ways including workshops, talks, conferences, university lectures, schools’ assemblies, All Party Parliamentary Groups at Westminster and, most recently, lectures on Integrated medicine to graduating radiologists at Kingston University’s, Faculty of Radiology.

We know from our own long experience that setting up a service like Full Circle which supports patients in some of the most complex areas of the NHS is complicated, time-consuming, and, bluntly, difficult.  Often for good reason too it must be said, as there are many risks and considerations to navigate before a service can begin to reach a patient. We know this process inside out and that it can exhaust the most ardent, caring healthcare professional who has a busy day job but simply wants and expects the highest quality of supportive, integrated care at the bedside of their patient, when they most need it.

Before Covid-19 we were invited regularly to run NHS staff wellbeing workshops, including cancer nurse groups, neuro intensive care, cardiac medicine, and paediatric medicine, and this was a lovely way for us to educate frontline NHS staff but also let them receive the calm-inducing benefits of integrated medicine.  We hope one day in the not-too-distant future our popular in-person sessions will resume, but until then we have adapted and now, all our content has gone online via dedicated areas on our Wellbeing Hub. Here, the same important message is delivered for patients, their carers or healthcare professionals : above all else, your wellbeing matters.

So, if you’d like to talk more with us about getting our help to set up a similar NHS based service in your hospital or, to book one of our team as a guest speaker, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.